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Home Business/Work from Home Coaching

I help home business owners or people working from home that are
spending too much time working to clarify & prioritize their focus so
that they can make more money and work a lot less. I help those in
direct sales businesses from home that are struggling to make enough
sales, streamline their sales techniques and work more efficiently so
that they can double or triple their cheques. Coaching will help home
based businesses or people who work from home to double their
productivity & profitability.

Individual Coaching Packages/programmes are available to meet the
specific needs of business, whether it is a direct sales home business
or a service professional who works from home. Coaching is an
excellent tool, providing leaders in a business with a powerful method
of engaging in dialogue with others such as team members or service
users, and providing them with appropriate key professional and
personal development.

In order to maintain a successful position, in Direct Sales/Home Based
Businesses, it is important to know what success means to you and
what exactly you need to do to achieve it. It is with this in mind that
coaching can be of unlimited benefit for all Professionals.
Coaching allows you to focus on the reality of what is going on within
and it creates an opportunity to learn from life’s experiences in such a
way that mistakes are never repeated.  It is a ‘tool’ that can be used
for building self esteem, creating product knowledge, building
relationships between you and staf/team membersf, increasing call
rations, understanding the psychology of selling, getting the most of
training, changing belief systems and much more………Coaching is a
professional relationship which facilitates performance, learning and
development of people. It is about improving effectiveness and
achieving results. It focuses on measurable steps of success.

Coaching is supportive and challenging, it aims to help people clarify
what they want out of life, set goals to achieve what they want and
meet challenges effectively along the way.  Coaching is future
oriented and action oriented. In these types of environments it
focuses on an individual’s growth and development.

To find out more about how I can help and the one to one or group
programmes don't hesitate in contacting us.


“To do good is man’s most glorious task” --

“Purpose is the daily and hourly living of our individual truth”
-- Nick Williams.

“To realise one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation” --
Paulo Coehlo

“Nothing great in this world was achieved without
enthusiasm” --Emerson

"Finding and creating your life's work will bring you more
abundance than any other single action you can take." -- Sanaya
Roman and Duane Packer

"In life, as in football, you won't go far unless you know
where the goalposts are." -- Arnold H. Glasgow

Career & Life Purpose Coaching

In what areas of your job would you like to have more:
Guidance? Training? Autonomy?

Few people clearly know their life purpose. Yet most people are
working some aspect of their life purpose even though they are not
aware of it. Our purpose seems elusive because we are so close to it.
It's also elusive because our purpose is not material, and as a result,
cannot be seen or touched or measured. If we watch how our lives
unfold, however, and if we know what questions to ask ourselves,
our purpose becomes clearer.

Knowing our life purpose and fully living it brings much meaning and
fulfilment into our lives. Clarity of purpose develops inner power and
transformation. Generally we live our life purpose in two ways: by
learning about ourselves and healing parts of us
back to wholeness, and through service to others that aligns with our
authentic self.

Our purpose in Life will reflect:

  1. - WHAT we naturally DO best in life, which relates to our gifts,
    talents and skills.

  2. - HOW we aspire to BE in life, which relates to certain
    qualities/characteristics we bring to what is done.

Many people have trouble identifying their life purpose because they
are too close to it. It is part of them already in subtle ways. One way
to connect with your life purpose is to use your imagination e.g.
Imagine you are 120 years old and your life has unfolded beyond your
wildest dreams.

  • What would you be remembered for?
  • What skills would you use to complete your major
  • What key inner qualities would you have drawn upon to
    accomplish your successes?
  • What qualities of life would you experience?

Think of people you know, read about or have seen on TV etc. whom
you consider to be vocational in the sense that they appear to be in
just the right walk of life. Identify five of them at least and the
principle characteristics that they all have in common.

Your temperament or personality is an important influence in your
choice of work and in the form this work takes in your life.

Great aptitude is matched by great motivation, therefore a strong
clue of where your purpose may lie is where your talents are. These
talents or aptitudes are what you have to offer life. Never bury your
“A wise man does not lay up treasure. The more he
gives, the more he has” Chinese proverb.

“No profit grows where no pleasure ta’en; in brief, sir, study
what you most affect” Shakespeare, The taming of the

Value what comes naturally to you, express your gifts. Doing the
work you love is about celebrating your abilities. Create your own
niche where you can be more yourself. With vocational people their
abilities multiply, both in range and quality.
They have more choices as they progress, more challenging and
professionally interesting opportunities come their way. Joy is a
natural part of the process.

The working life you have created is the manifestation of your beliefs.
Limiting or negative career thinking is often the biggest barrier to you
discovering your true vocation. Do you believe it is possible for people
(for you) to be really happy in their work? Find people who are clearly
passionate about their work and discover their beliefs about work.

What is missing from your current work? Could you do what you are
doing now in away that you would enjoy more, that would support
and inspire you more? What qualities do you most want to experience
in your work?

The essence of your work is not just about the job you do, but about
the kind of teacher, doctor, builder….you want to be. With the right
attitude and intention any work can be uplifting and caring.

Attend to what you love and enjoy by helping it to grow and expand
then rediscover yourself. Re-own those gifts you may have thrown
away out of fear when younger. Your purpose is to become fulfilled,
whole and powerful again. Instead of spending your life avoiding,
begin creating. Fulfilment comes from integrity, from
being who you are and expressing who you are as fully as possible.

Doing the work you love is about having a passion for something, then
deciding and committing to putting all your love, energy and creativity
into fulfilling it. Why not start today by contacting us and discover and achieve
what you truly want to do.

“There is a place and means for everyone alive” --
Shakespeare, All’s well that ends well.

"In order to find your purpose in life “you will have to follow
the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone to follow. You just
have to read the omens that he left for you” -- Paulo

"Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we
ask, but when we are challenged to be what we can be." -- Morris

"I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing
towards being a champion." -- Billie Jean King

Redundancy Coaching

Coming soon in 2011 will be individual and group opportunities for this coaching programme which can work in conjuction with the career & life purpose coaching
You will be able to achieve the following:-

Understand that the role is redundant and not you.

Understand the legal requirements a company is required to
follow when implementing a redundancy program.

Know what your, the employee’s, rights are when faced
with a redundancy situation.

Understand what redundancy pay you are entitled to.

Understand the stages of accepting and moving forward
from the changes that result from redundancy.

Understand the services offered by Outplacement

you will learn and understand redundancy from a legal perspective
and the emotional journey of change experienced by you and how
you are affected by it. The time of redundancy can create a feeling of
helplessness, lack of self esteem, financial worries and concerns and
other personal challenges and this coaching programme can help in all
these areas as well as providing you with the necessary knowledge to
manage this situation. If you are interested in prebooking for this programme or
combining it with any of the other programmes shown above please
don't hesitate in contacting us.

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