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In the world of health and wellness, a health coach is an emerging new role.

Health coaching is becoming recognized as a new way to help individuals "manage" their illnesses and conditions. In both sports and health, a "coach" is a person who observes, gives objective feedback, teaches, helps to develop a plan of action and holds another responsible for their actions and commitments. The coach will use special techniques, personal experience, expertise and encouragement to assist the coachee in bringing his/her behavioral changes about.

Health coaching is a method of guiding another to "discover" and address their own ambivalence to health behavior change. Health coaching can assist someone to identify issues, beliefs, and concerns that may hinder or support their lifestyle change or responsibility for health that lies ahead for them. Like traditional coaching, health coaches utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems. The relationship between the coach and coachee is an accountability partnership focused on the overall health outcome goals as defined by
their healthcare practitioners and the coachee themselves.

Health coaching provides motivation, encouragement, and health education in an atmosphere where full attention is given to the coachee and where the way to self discovery is paved. Health education is a part of the information that is shared with the coachee.

Health coaching guides people to talk about what is most troubling to them about their conditions, what they most want to change, what support they have to foster change, and what obstacles or difficulties must be removed or minimized to advance healthy behaviors. It is not the main role of the health coach to teach, advise or counsel the person. Health coaching focuses on the special issues and concerns unique to the individual that fit into the context of their life.

Coaching can cover several aspects of the person's life such as exercise, lifestyle, behaviours and diet and nutrition, including using nutritional supplimentation to further enhance their well being. Please Contact Me to discuss your needs and to find out how I can help you to achieve your health goals.

I offer and work with a world leader in all natural nutritional supplementation products so if this is required as part of the programme then I can provide full support and the products. There is a separate site which provides all the information on these products as well as being able to purchase them directly online from there too, plus it offers other tools and resources for a healthier lifestyle. If you would like to visit this site then please do by Clicking here and you can contact me from there or return here and Contact Me.

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